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Gluten Free at the Outback Steakhouse Gluten Free at the Outback Steakhouse

Bet you didn't even know that the Outback Steakhouse has a GF Gluten Free menu. And it includes a gooey delicious brownie dessert with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce too! Here we show you a good healthy dinner and dessert at the Outback, Palisades Center Mall, West Nyack, NY.
Video by Lauren Traub Teton for Twifties.TV and

See the Outback Steakhouse's Gluten Free Menu here.

Meanwhile be sure to sign up for the mailing list on so you can come with us on our next adventure!
Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for Twifties.TV.

Did you know that soy sauce often contains wheat and gluten? And that soy itself is one of the eight major food allergens? This recipe takes just 2 minutes to concoct and will give you a tasty substitute for soy sauce, made with three healthy natural ingredients that may be in your kitchen right now. Whip up a batch to go on your rice or sushi! Add some wasabi and pickled ginger, and you'll be in soy free heaven! Created and filmed by Lauren Traub Teton, for Twifties.TV. Visit the Twifties.TV Gluten Free Show for more recipes, and restaurants where you can find wheat-free and gluten-free foods and recipes.

 Superfood Citizen Cafe, Raw Food, Gluten Free in Beacon, NY Superfood Citizen Cafe, Raw Food, Gluten Free in Beacon, NY

Sai Corson tours us through her gluten free kitchen in Beacon, NY as she prepares raw foods like onion rings and ketchup! Pad Thai, and Waldorf Salad. Savory kale chips round out today's video feast.
845 440-8344
Video by Lauren Traub Teton, exclusively for Twifties.TV and

Twifties Tips for Music Festivals at Gathering of the Vibes 2010Twifties Tips for Music Festivals at Gathering of the Vibes 2010

 Maybe you haven't been to a music festival for a while and would like to go! Or perhaps you're a festival goer and want a few new festival survival ideas. Lauren's Twifties Tips for Music Festivals also gives you a taste of the sounds and sights of Gathering of the Vibes 2010, including Umphrey's McGee and Keller Williams and the Rhythm Devils.

You'll see how to "warm-up" before entering the festival gates, how to last until the late show is over at 3:30 a.m. and how to listen to some of the Festival without being there (THANK YOU WPKN 89.5 !) Find out how to watch the show from the luxury of the VIP Tent, and some excellent things to bring, including the Perfect Flashlight.

 Lauren shows you the healthy easy festival foods that are wheat and gluten free in her cooler. And confides that she recklessly broke the important First Rule of Backpack Placement, and sufffered the consequences, fortunately with a happy ending after a scary hour.

See the separate episode with the Deep Banana Blackout 2010 GOTV late night party, on Twifties.TV. Video by Lauren Traub Teton, exclusive for Twifties.TV.

Twifties Green Drink for Health, Abundance, and BoardercrossTwifties Green Drink for Health, Abundance, and Boardercross

After a road trip, Lauren gets back on her healthy regime. Here she shows you the simple 2-ingredient drink. Apple and kale (optional Swiss Chard and blueberries) is cut up with Lauren's Ginsu knife and then whirred in the Osterizer Blender to create a frothy health drink that bathes your cells in healthy pleasure. Drink enough of this and you'll ride boardercross in your 50s too! By Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV.

See how Lauren has figured out how to bring her Twifties Green Drink on the road, using her Hamilton Beach personal portable blender. "I drank this every day at USASA Snowboard Nationals in April 2010, and won a Bronze Medal in Halfpipe! Even at high altitude!! It was healthy, thrifty, and delicious!" Video coming soon. Sponsor this video!

By the way, did you know the Ginsu ads established the formula for the modern "infomercial. "Ginsu had humor, demonstration, and a precisely structured series of premium offers I call 'the lots-for-a-little approach" said John Witek, author of Response Television: Combat Advertising of the 1980s and a marketing consultant.

Windflower Inn, Great Barrington, MA Windflower Inn, Great Barrington, MA

We visit the Windflower Inn, in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. Lauren gives a Twifties tour where we meet innkepers Claudia and John,and have gluten-free and wheat-free homemade snacks with tea by the roaring fireplace. We find out their secrets for staying young and healthy, We visit some guest rooms, relax in our room by the fire, and eat a delicious homemade breakfast of French Toast that happens to be specially made wheat and gluten free. See our other Berkshires videos where we interview James Taylor benefit concert-goers at the Mahaiwe, and dine at the Route 7 Grill, before headiing off to snowboard at Catamount, just 5 miles from the Windflower. By Lauren Traub Teton for Twifties.

TV To stay at this inn, book by calling Claudia and John at the Windflower in Great Barrington, MA. (413) 528-2720