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Paul "Fetch" Carnes Pre-Press Conference - Occupy Boston Paul "Fetch" Carnes Pre-Press Conference - Occupy Boston

Occupy Boston "The Business" is born, introduced by Paul Carnes at this informal interview outside of Harvard Yard, Cambridge MA. The formal announcement will be made at the press conference tomorrow.
Paul Carnes is also the organizer of the upcoming Sunrise Fest in Florida, planned to be the world's biggest, and longest festival.

Video by Lauren Traub Teton, exclusive for www.Twifties.TV and www.SnowboardSecrets.TV and Twifties.TV.
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Sunrise Fest - Free Festival in March Announced by Paul Sunrise Fest - Free Festival in March Announced by Paul
Paul "Fetch" Carnes plans Sunrise Fest to be the "Party of the Century" the biggest party ever. "What Woodstock should have been. FREE! Free camping, free food, free entertainment, let's share and show" "we don't have to be greedy. Let's have fun and celebrate and show how life would be if we weren't greedy." Paul "Fetch" Carnes is the founder of Sunrise Fest, planned for the entire month of March, outside Miami, Florida. Paul takes his experience from the "Occupy" movement and refines it for this festival. Filmed at the NY Business XPO, Jacob Javits Center, November 16, 2011.

Video by Lauren Traub Teton, exclusive for www.Twifties.TV and www.SnowboardSecrets.TV. Please Subscribe!

Andy Warhol Art Discovered?Andy Warhol Art Discovered?
Have two new/old Andy Warhol works been discovered, to rock the Art world? Join our friend Peranders Fosella in this mini-reality series where we search for the provenance of the 7 foot tall red triptych and the smaller "Martin Luther King on the news" piece. Both pieces display bar codes, incorprated into the work.
Contact us if you woud like to buy or auction these works. Lauren@Twifties.TV
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Crush It! Video Response by Lauren of Twifties.TVCrush It! Video Response by Lauren of Twifties.TV
Lauren of Twifties.TV just finished reading Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk. She predicts best-seller status for the book, and was both inspired and SHOCKED by how hard Gary Vaynerchuk says she will have to work to make her passion a success. She DISAGREES and is throwing down the gauntlet to see if she can be successful in her branding of Twifties without spending much money and without "working til her eyes bleed" and "personally answering 700 to 1000 emails each day" as Vaynerchuk does and suggests. Location: apres Beacon NY Hocus Pocus Halloween Parade, October 25, 2009. Beacon is the Partiest Town Around! Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for Twifties.TV Your product here? Maybe. Con