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Organize Your Glove Compartment in 15 Minutes of Fun - Twifties TipOrganize Your Glove Compartment in 15 Minutes of Fun - Twifties Tip
Laurie Noel Meek of LNM Organizing Solutions DARES to open my crazy stuffed glove compartment in the 2005 Prius (with 219,000 miles!) and helps me Organize My Glove Compartment in 15 Minutes of Fun. We use the PTouch Labelmaker and 1 Quart Ziploc Bags as tools. Laurie gives 3 tips for organizing the glove compartment at the end of the video. Video by Lauren Traub Teton for and www.Twifties.TV.

Jamie Raquel File ToteJamie Raquel File Tote
Laurie Noel Meek shows us the smart looking portable file box that her company "Office Candy" sells. LNM Organizing Solutions is her other company. See our other video "Organize Your Glove Compartment in 15 Minutes of Fun." Video by Lauren Traub Teton for and www.Twifties.TV.

Instant Shop Vac for $20Instant Shop Vac for $20
Need to clean up water from the floor after a flood? Don't have a shop vac? Here's the answer for basement water removal, for under $20! Please Subscribe to TwiftiesTV on YouTube! Video by Lauren Traub Teton, exclusive for www.Twifties.TV.

The Best Gift Ever for Your Heirs The Best Gift Ever for Your Heirs
Watch and you will find out! I wish I had received it! Video by Lauren Traub Teton, exclusive for Twifties.TV

Cleaning the Garage! Cleaning the Garage!
Donna Roses of Decluttering Solutions Now in Westchester County, NY assists us physically and gives moral support in this garage cleaning project that would never get started without some help and an appointment on the calendar to get going.

At the end of a relatively painless 3-hour session, a small truckload of stuff is removed from this crowded garage, creating room to back the Vespa out and to move around and reach the shelves.
Phone: 914-479-0193 Cell: 917-623-6529

Does your business show up on the 2nd biggest search engine on the internet - YouTube!
We can help. Contact 914 764-0115

Andy Warhol Art Discovered?Andy Warhol Art Discovered?
Have two new/old Andy Warhol works been discovered, to rock the Art world? Join our friend Peranders Fosella in this mini-reality series where we search for the provenance of the 7 foot tall red triptych and the smaller "Martin Luther King on the news" piece. Both pieces display bar codes, incorprated into the work.
Contact us if you woud like to buy or auction these works. Lauren@Twifties.TV
Exclusive for Twifties.TV and

Purging Clutter, and Moving On Purging Clutter, and Moving On
Warning: the last minute of this video is shocking and disturbing to some viewers!!

Moving into a smaller space means editing your "stuff" and here Shari B. Michael goes through the sometimes painful process of deciding what to discard of the myriad objects she has collected over the years to use in her art and collages. We visit her office and see how she will consolidate materials from her interior design business, and we see what will happen to the garage-full of items left over after the big tag sale. By Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for Twifties.TV.