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Andy Warhol Art Discovered?Andy Warhol Art Discovered?
Have two new/old Andy Warhol works been discovered, to rock the Art world? Join our friend Peranders Fosella in this mini-reality series where we search for the provenance of the 7 foot tall red triptych and the smaller "Martin Luther King on the news" piece. Both pieces display bar codes, incorprated into the work.
Contact us if you woud like to buy or auction these works. Lauren@Twifties.TV
Exclusive for Twifties.TV and

Purging Clutter, and Moving On Purging Clutter, and Moving On
Warning: the last minute of this video is shocking and disturbing to some viewers!!

Moving into a smaller space means editing your "stuff" and here Shari B. Michael goes through the sometimes painful process of deciding what to discard of the myriad objects she has collected over the years to use in her art and collages. We visit her office and see how she will consolidate materials from her interior design business, and we see what will happen to the garage-full of items left over after the big tag sale. By Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for Twifties.TV.

Twifties Green Drink for Health, Abundance, and BoardercrossTwifties Green Drink for Health, Abundance, and Boardercross

After a road trip, Lauren gets back on her healthy regime. Here she shows you the simple 2-ingredient drink. Apple and kale (optional Swiss Chard and blueberries) is cut up with Lauren's Ginsu knife and then whirred in the Osterizer Blender to create a frothy health drink that bathes your cells in healthy pleasure. Drink enough of this and you'll ride boardercross in your 50s too! By Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV.

See how Lauren has figured out how to bring her Twifties Green Drink on the road, using her Hamilton Beach personal portable blender. "I drank this every day at USASA Snowboard Nationals in April 2010, and won a Bronze Medal in Halfpipe! Even at high altitude!! It was healthy, thrifty, and delicious!" Video coming soon. Sponsor this video!

By the way, did you know the Ginsu ads established the formula for the modern "infomercial. "Ginsu had humor, demonstration, and a precisely structured series of premium offers I call 'the lots-for-a-little approach" said John Witek, author of Response Television: Combat Advertising of the 1980s and a marketing consultant.

Snow Fashionable at Belleayre Mountain Snow Fashionable at Belleayre Mountain
Belleayre's snowboarders and skiers have got it going on in fashion. Meet mother and daughter snowboarders Jane and Cindy from Wantaugh in matching Orage jackets, and 75 year old skier Pete from Poughkeepsie in a neon one-piece, and Marie from Staten Island, stunning in her classic Bogner lime green one-piece, with her advice on how to successfully manage it when "taking a break." By Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV.

Twifty Skier at Belleayre is Snow Fashionable Twifty Skier at Belleayre is Snow Fashionable
Our friend Pete from Poughkeepsie is stylin' in his neon one-piece and he's in the over age 75 Ski Club. Live from Belleayre Mountain in the Catskills. By Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for Snowboardsecrets.TV and Twifties.TV. Twifties are the FUN people around their 50s and UP! www.Twifties.TV