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Andy Warhol Art Discovered?Andy Warhol Art Discovered?
Have two new/old Andy Warhol works been discovered, to rock the Art world? Join our friend Peranders Fosella in this mini-reality series where we search for the provenance of the 7 foot tall red triptych and the smaller "Martin Luther King on the news" piece. Both pieces display bar codes, incorprated into the work.
Contact us if you woud like to buy or auction these works. Lauren@Twifties.TV
Exclusive for Twifties.TV and

Purging Clutter, and Moving On Purging Clutter, and Moving On
Warning: the last minute of this video is shocking and disturbing to some viewers!!

Moving into a smaller space means editing your "stuff" and here Shari B. Michael goes through the sometimes painful process of deciding what to discard of the myriad objects she has collected over the years to use in her art and collages. We visit her office and see how she will consolidate materials from her interior design business, and we see what will happen to the garage-full of items left over after the big tag sale. By Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for Twifties.TV.

Via Vanti Party with Marc Black Band, Mount Kisco, NY Via Vanti Party with Marc Black Band, Mount Kisco, NY

Via Vanti Restaurant in Mount Kisco NY throws a June Swoon Twifties Dance Party with the Marc Black Band, Saturday, June 5, 2010.

Watch the Twifty crowd rock out to this awesome local and Woodstock area band. Proprietor Carla Gambescia tells us about the upcoming Tuesday Summer Jazz Fest to be held at Via Vanti for 10 weeks. The Twifties Table will be set and ready for mingling and fun companionship on Jazz nights, so come all, or come one, you can make new friends and dine, with a separate check!
Video hosted and created by Lauren Traub Teton, exclusive for Twifties.TV

Ridgefield Playhouse - Darkstar Orchestra - Summer 2009Ridgefield Playhouse - Darkstar Orchestra - Summer 2009
Let's visit the Ridgefield Playhouse for a Darkstar Orchestra tour. It's one of the sweetest venues around. Meet some Twifties.Check out the scene, inside and out. We interview Allison Stockel, director of the Playhouse. By Lauren Traub Teton.

Neuro Emotional Technique with Bradley Williams Neuro Emotional Technique with Bradley Williams
Chiropractor Brad Williams is an expert at helping patients release emotional baggage with this comfortable easy technique. Food allergies and other sensitivities can be easily and quickly diagnosed. See the technique in action as Lauren frees herself of stuck emotions. She says it's like "a year's worth of psychotherapay in 5 minutes." By Lauren Traub Teton.

The Twifties Show in Katonah, NY The Twifties Show in Katonah, NY
Karen Benvin Ransom is our guest. She talks about the history of Katonah, Museum Mile, living here, the art exhibits, real estate, and more. Check out The Burn Machine for arm and core exercise as Karen and Lauren try it out. The Twifties Show is hosted and created by Lauren Traub Teton.

COSM Halloween 10.31.2009 COSM Halloween 10.31.2009
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors hosts their first Halloween in the new location in the Duchess County countryside. Alex and Allyson Grey host.

Bedford School of Rock Halloween Party 10.30.2009 Bedford School of Rock Halloween Party 10.30.2009
Hot rock, cold punch, and slimy brains!
in the haunted upstairs rocked the Bedford NY School of Rock Party. Let's get the Twifties grown-ups out partying more too! The ones who were here had fun! Don't forget earplugs to preserve your Twifties hearing!!
Talk to Michele and Jamie at the School of Rock if you are a Twifty and want to have a fun party with the School of Rock! Remember the Katonah party at Moonrocks in Bedford Hills a few years ago? Bedfordites love a dance party! Contact me if you want to get on the local party mailing list!

School of Rock -  Bedford NY - Woodstock Party 2009School of Rock - Bedford NY - Woodstock Party 2009
Paul Green's School of Rock, Bedford, NY had a Woodstock 40th Anniversary tribute and celebration in the town's Memorial Park on August 15, 2009. Watch the joyful jams!
It was more fun than the real Woodstock (?!?!).
Video by Lauren Traub Teton for Twifties.TV.

Via Vanti! Restaurant, Mount Kisco, NYVia Vanti! Restaurant, Mount Kisco, NY
Meet Carla Gambesica, dynamic and enthusiastic owner of this marvelous new Venetian Italian restaurant in the historic Mount Kisco train station. See 3 fabulous lunch piatti, and the intensely fruity sorbetti. Interview by Lauren Traub Teton and Stacy of, for Twifties.TV Autumn 2009.